Bedroom Fitted Wardrobes

Bedroom fitted wardrobes are an aspiration to lots of homeowners. They offer a huge amount of dedicated storage and organisation to allow you to maximise the bedroom in your house whilst looking clean and modern. They are a perfect choice for everyone, no matter the size of room or house, for adults or those with young families.

When comparing a custom bedroom fitted wardrobes to a free-standing hinged one – there are many benefits to investing in sliding and fitted wardrobe option.

A standard, freestanding wardrobe is the go-to option for many due to the low cost, but they provide limited space and do not work too well with awkward bedroom spaces.

Bedroom fitted wardrobes do not only declutter and organise your bedroom but in some cases even add extra value to your home, as it can make your home more desirable to potential buyers.

Considerations About Bedroom Fitted Wardrobes

A bedroom fitted wardrobe usually does not come cheap – but if done correctly it will last forever and become invaluable. It is worth saving up for a while to get a good-quality frame. It is important to have a trusted company to come and view the space and talk through what you are hoping to achieve. They will then design something suitable and come up with a quote, which you can carefully consider. It is recommended that you get at least three quotes to compare to – so you can be sure you are getting value for money.

You can save yourself some money by fitting the bedroom fitted wardrobes yourself as they do not require too much preliminary work and usually come with detailed instructions. A bedroom fitted wardrobe supplier usually has the option to add an expert fitting fee for an additional charge. If you are not very handy and need them up quickly, it might be worth paying the extra.

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