Lambs Tongue Skirting

Benefits of using Lambs Tongue Skirting

lambs tongue skirting

Profile of Lambs Tongue Skirting


Lamb tongue skirting boards have been around for many decades and in several types and serves two or three purposes. First, you can add them to your rooms specifically for decoration purposes. For example, you will find some high boards that feature mouldings in old houses forming a decorative feature. With that said at the simplest level, skirting boards are planks of wood, nailed, screwed or glued to the walls. The boards also protect your walls from any accidental knocks and from wear and tear that can result from your furniture and scuffs and soiling from Hoovers and mops. Possibly, you can also use skirting boards, like lambs tongue skirting to hide rugged or uneven floors or wall edges.

If you are taking a wood flooring project, it is important you consider lambs tongue skirting regardless of whether it is a renovation, a new-build or a redesign: some options include:

• Lambs tongue skirting boards and wood flooring

If you want to renovate your property or you are just relooking a room in your home, you will get better results with skirting boards. You will need to run your flooring to each wall and then use a beading accessory to make a neat join between the skirting boards and the floor. Ensure that you have left a space between the flooring and your room’s edge which will allow your floor to contract and expand.

• Wood flooring and skirting boards in new builds

You will have a variety of options when using skirting boards on a newer build. You will fix the boards after you have fitted the floor. By working this way, you will be able to choose the type of floor that you need.

Sourcing the materials

There is a wide variety of lambs tongue skirting board to consider when selecting the material to decorate your home. You can easily purchase them online in different heights that range between 70mm to 222mm. Most skirting boards are machined after you have ordered even though there are distributors who supply them out of their stock.