ash dieback

What is ash dieback?

Ash dieback is a fungus also known as Hymenoscyphus Fraxineus, it originated in Asia. It has had devastating effects in Europe, which started about 30 years ago.

What does ash dieback look like ?

The main tell tale signs of a tree having ash dieback is dark patches on leaves in summer, the leaves will wilt and could also turn black and shed early. It can turn the inner bark of the tree brownish grey, and lesions can develop where the branches meet the trunk.

What happens to the tree?

If a tree keeps on getting ash dieback year after year the infection will eventually kill it.

How did ash dieback get here?

It could have been imported on ash saplings, it also could have been carried naturally by the wind.

What impact will ash dieback have?

It is thought that we could lose up to 80% of the ash trees in the UK due to the ash dieback disease.

How much will this cost?

Ash dieback is predicted to cost British society £15 billion.

Will any trees survive?

There is natural tolerance to ash dieback in some trees, meaning that the tree population could recover (it would more than likely take over 50 years for this to happen).

Is there anything we can do to help?

Clean your boots before and after visiting a woodland area, avoid taking any cuttings from the countryside and if you are on your bike wash your wheels after.

What can you do if you spot a tree with ash dieback?

If you think you may have spotted ash dieback on a tree you can contact


CCTV Companies West Midlands

With burglary and crime on the rise year on year, it has never been so important to invest in a high-quality CCTV system. You should look at CCTV Companies West Midlands and investigate the number of options available and best suited to your business environment.

CCTV Companies West Midlands explain that CCTV cameras are more popular now than ever. This demonstrates a more conscious consumer, aware of rising crime rates such as vandalism and burglary over time. The advancements in technology mean there is no need for a huge storage system or bulky cameras, they are sleek and modern in design meaning you will not struggle for space in your premises.

The cloud-based wi-fi compatible systems mean you can get a crystal-clear view at all times, both live and historically, giving you full peace of mind that your property remains safe.

In the case that any vandalism or criminal activity does occur, however, it is important to have stored CCTV footage that can be submitted to the police to investigate the crime and hopefully catch the perpetrators.

CCTV Installation in The West Midlands

CCTV services is offered by many CCTV Installation Companies, who will come around to set up your whole system at an affordable price point.

Before investing in your chosen CCTV companies West Midlands, you should do careful research into the company and ensure you choose the right package to cover your requirements. Does it include full coverage of your premises? Is there a police response to a crime-in-progress? Are repairs and servicing included?

business cctv installation

Bedroom Fitted Wardrobes

Bedroom fitted wardrobes are an aspiration to lots of homeowners. They offer a huge amount of dedicated storage and organisation to allow you to maximise the bedroom in your house whilst looking clean and modern. They are a perfect choice for everyone, no matter the size of room or house, for adults or those with young families.

When comparing a custom bedroom fitted wardrobes to a free-standing hinged one – there are many benefits to investing in sliding and fitted wardrobe option.

A standard, freestanding wardrobe is the go-to option for many due to the low cost, but they provide limited space and do not work too well with awkward bedroom spaces.

Bedroom fitted wardrobes do not only declutter and organise your bedroom but in some cases even add extra value to your home, as it can make your home more desirable to potential buyers.

Considerations About Bedroom Fitted Wardrobes

A bedroom fitted wardrobe usually does not come cheap – but if done correctly it will last forever and become invaluable. It is worth saving up for a while to get a good-quality frame. It is important to have a trusted company to come and view the space and talk through what you are hoping to achieve. They will then design something suitable and come up with a quote, which you can carefully consider. It is recommended that you get at least three quotes to compare to – so you can be sure you are getting value for money.

You can save yourself some money by fitting the bedroom fitted wardrobes yourself as they do not require too much preliminary work and usually come with detailed instructions. A bedroom fitted wardrobe supplier usually has the option to add an expert fitting fee for an additional charge. If you are not very handy and need them up quickly, it might be worth paying the extra.

bedroom fitted wardrobe

Solicitors In Worcester

Are you based in Worcestershire and looking for a good solicitor that covers a wide range of sectors.

When searching for good solicitors in Worcester, there are a few things to look out for

  1. Check out their credentials. Never be afraid to ask what experience and qualifications they have. You should make sure that they can successfully handle any case that you may want them to take on.
  2. When trying to find solicitors in Worcester, ask your family and friends to see if they have dealt with anyone in that area before. They will be honest and provide you with a good summary of what went well (or wrong).
  3. Some solicitors out of the area may offer you better rates, however, we would suggest sticking with solicitors in Worcester, hiring someone from the local area can put them at an advantage as they specialize in the area and should know it well.
  4. Get the fees upfront from the solicitors in Worcester that you are thinking of going to, it is always good to know what you will be paying upfront. Some solicitors work on a percentage of profit, some on a fixed fee so always ask this question first.
  5. Make sure the solicitors in Worcester you go with will provide you with a full documented break down of their fees, a good reputable solicitor will have no problem providing you with a breakdown of costs.
  6. Lastly, communication is key! When dealing with the solicitors in Worcester you have chosen, they should be keeping you in the loop with all the information and changes that your case may be undertaking. It shouldn’t be up to you to chase them, they should be providing you with regular updates.

We hope this has helped when making that all-important choice of which solicitors in Worcester to choose!

Worcester cathedral

Power Lines

Power lines are a structure used to distribute and transmit electrical energy across a large space.

Power lines will usually have one or more cables that are uninsulated electric cables, these will be suspended high up by poles.

Some people worry that living by power lines is dangerous, but there have been no known health risks, although scientists are not 100% sure that it is completely risk-free due to the high voltage power lines.

Power Lines

The typical voltages for a power line are in the range of approximately 155,000 to 765,000 volts. The usual distance for maximum transmission is 300 miles.
Most power lines you see will have three wires; this is because it is more economical than a two-wire power line. A three-wire power line will use less conductor material to transmit power.

If you have bought land next to a power line, you must leave at least 15 feet to build any structure underneath or next to it.

If you see a big power line, these are called a power tower or transmission tower, or some people call them electricity pylons, they are the tall metal structures you can see from quite a distance away.

People often wonder why birds can sit on these power lines without getting electrocuted, the reason they do not get electric shocks is they are not touching anything on the ground, so the electricity cannot get around so will stay in the power line.

When you walk past a power line, you can sometimes hear the buzz of the electricity, this is normal and is usually caused by stray magnetic fields and magnetostriction. Also, with power lines the buzz you are hearing could be the corona discharge, this happens when there is the air surrounding the power line, making the electricity jump through it.